Accent 4pen (3 +1)

Lamy Pens Accent 4pen (3 +1)

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Accent- 4pen-3-1
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Individual expression.

The LAMY accent is the first writing instrument with various interchangeable handles.

The LAMY 4pen. There are three ball-point pens and a pencil in a pen. And in turn, the work in the handle. Multi-system pen in matt black lacquer finish, with push-button mechanism and visual selection mechanism. With interchangeable handle: Aluminum Palldium finish (AP). With ballpoint pen refill M 21 black, blue and red. With mechanical pencil lead M 40 (0,7) HB and eraser tip (Z 15) under the peel-off handle. / With gift box

Design: Phoenix Product Design

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Κωδικός Accent- 4pen-3-1
Διαστάσεις 145 x 12 x 12 mm
Βάρος 34.0000
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